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Unlike what Zety tells you on the website, this is not a free website, not if you want to use their features and get access to their tool’s features. You’ll have to pay them money to download your resume files, as well as get unlimited creation opportunities.

The price at Zety is more than we expected when we learned that the zety resume builder is not free to use. But, the thing that annoyed us the most was the secrecy surrounding their pricing. It was hard getting to the pricing list and most students probably go through the sign up or even make their own resume before they realize that they’d have to pay for the features and downloads.

To find out some more information about this, you should definitely learn about their reputation as we did through zety resume reviews. For a highly detailed explanation, go through our Zety review below.

Zety Services Overview

It’s complicated to learn what exactly Zety.com offers to its users, but basically, they offer three types of services. These services include the zety cover letter, resume, and CV builder. You can use these for a small sum to get the most basic features and just four templates, or pay to get the more advanced, much more versatile plan.

When it comes to Zety resume, they aren’t known as a popular builder. This isn’t a writing service and still, their prices aren’t as low as you can find on the resume builder market. To be more, their start plan version is pretty much useless since you have access to the most basic templates. You could easily find better templates for free with a simple search online, which is probably their strategy to convince you to pay for their better-crafted templates.

Zety Prices Overview

There are two plans offered on this website, none of which is free. The first one is the basic plan called Start plan, which costs $5 per month. This plan gives you access to only four resume templates, as well as an unlimited downloads and creation of the resumes for a duration of a month.

If you want to get the features they proudly present on the website, you need to pay for the Premium plan. This one costs $17.99 per month and gives you access to 14 extra templates. This is also the only way you can get access to their cover letter builder. The Zety builder is not available with the more affordable, more realistically priced plan.

The pricing for access to both builders is extravagant for this type of a service, especially since you’ll be doing all of the work on your own. The website is not very popular among students according to Zety reviews, which at this point became very understandable.

Zety Discounts Overview

Zety.com company gives you an option to subscribe for their Premium plan for duration of 3 months for a price of $34.99. They also give a 17% discount if you select an auto-renews option. This option applies to both plans, reducing the cost of the Start plan to $4.99 (quite irrelevant, really), and the price of the Premium plan to $14.99. Still, paying so much extra to get access to a bit over a dozen templates to edit sounds exaggerated, to say the least. And, if you want to use this site to get a cover letter that will match your resume with the help of their builder, you have to pay the price. It suffices to say that, at this point, we were already convinced that there are many better options, many of them free, than spending your money at this service.

This was even more emphasized when we got our hands on the resume builder tool. We paid for their premium option to truly examine the templates being offered. They are no better than the four offered in the Start plan and aren’t any better than templates you’ll find online for free. Paying so much for access to templates you need to edit on your own sounds like a bad idea, which is probably why Zety isn’t all that popular.

Other Features

There aren’t other features you can pay extra or get access to on the website. You can use their blog, which is not updated as regularly as you’d think, to learn something about creating resumes and cover letters, landing a job or nailing an interview. We went through those blog posts and we found that there’s simply vague and generalized information in the form of tips you can find anywhere online.


The bottom line is, Zety resume builder did not impress us at all, if you can call it a company in the first place. It doesn’t write anything for you – it just gives you an expensive access to some templates you can edit.

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