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No matter what business niche you are in, job change is a hard and troublesome process. You might not be satisfied with your current salary, position, whatever. And it’s time to start searching, but how to get prepared for this search?

Here come resume writing services like The Resume Writers, and if you are here, you are probably interested in ordering from them. 

At first glance, the team looks professional. They are offering services to various specialists in public, military, or governmental sectors. The company states that they do resume right, targeted, compelling, and of the best possible quality. They have expert writers, highlight that they follow deadlines, and, most importantly, work with each client individually. So, let’s find out if they are as good as they state on the website in our The Resume Writers review. 

Services Overview 

A job seeker needs a lot of various writings. It is a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, application letters, and other things unique for the position. Theresumewriters have resume writing services, but what else can they offer you? Usually, it’s better to get everything in one place, so we went to the website and here are the services provided:

  • Resumes for all types of professionals with any level of experience. 
  • Online resumes and professional resume website creation.
  • Cover letters writing.
  • Professional selection criteria writing.
  • Tender writing.
  • SEO copywriting.
  • Coaching for the interview. 

The team doesn’t offer any LinkedIn profile creation, which is one of the essential things in the modern world. Human resource specialists are checking social media before inviting a candidate to the interview. So, without the LinkedIn profile set up correctly, you have fewer chances to get hired. 


We checked website two times and have not found any information about prices they charge for resume writing. There are no packages or any other information on how much you would need to pay for the service. 

This company calculates the price individually for each client. Based on our experience, such companies charge a lot, and people are buying from them. It happens so because when you spent your time communicating with the representative in most cases, you are buying something from the company. 

Most resume writing services offer fixed price packages to their clients. It’s fair policy since job seekers are not ready to pay a lot, and transparent pricing is a benefit, it is better than the custom one.

Discounts Policy Overview

Since there are no prices on the website, there are no discounts. Of course, you may try to ask for a discount when they give you a quote, but we can assure you that you won’t get any. Such companies don’t provide discounts or free extras, and they calculate the price depending on you and your career expectations.  And if you seek an executive role, for example, be ready to pay the enormous price here.  

So, it’s doesn’t matter if you are a new customer or a returning one, or even a person who decided to order multiple services from resume writers’ team. In essence, you won’t get any off or package offer and will need to pay separately for each service. 

Quality overview 

We were a little bit nervous when placed our order on this mysterious service. What is they will charge us something out of our quality overview budget? Of course, the price of our resume was high, and we paid $250 for a standard resume. 

The ordering process was standard. We passed details, got quote, paid for writing, in some time representative contacted us. We talked for a while about our expectations, experience, soft and hard skills – nothing special, just a standard set of questions. The representative assured us that we’d get our resume in three days. 

When it came to our inbox, we were disappointed. It was a word doc with a table. No design, no eye-catchy structure. Moreover, there were some spelling mistakes throughout the resume. We asked for correction but still have not got any reply from them. 


When we had been writing our review, we expected something special about this team. They have so attractive website, with lots of information, beautiful images, etc. But these were only expectations. 

We are not recommending this service to job seekers because they don’t have transparent prices and discounts, don’t provide LinkedIn profile creation service, and, most importantly, the quality of their resumes is below average. Our resume was full of spelling errors. It was created in Word document with nice formatting, but no design can catch up with human resources specialists’ attention. 

If you need a professional job search assistance, itit’ setter to employ some other company, there are hundreds of professional resume writing services that can help you for less than $100.

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