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Whenever we come across a service that hides the most important information from visitors such as their rates, we are immediately frustrated. Despite the sleek website design and amazing testimonials (which at this point we don’t believe are realistic), Sydney Resumes says nothing specific about their rates or discounts. We hardly see many job seekers waiting for hours to get a quote or sending their resume for review before they even know how much the service here will cost them.

Even so, for the purpose of this Sydney resumes review, we decided to do it their way and wait for a quote. You have to not only tell them which of their services you need, but also send them the resume you have for them to check. According to the website, if you pay lower prices, you’ll risk other companies exposing your personal information. How is sending a resume to a company you don’t know if you’ll be able to afford any safer? Services Overview 

They might not have the prices out in the open, but they have a list of services. In fact, they have pages for each service. Each page describes the service, but says nothing specific about how they handle them. We went through them all and honestly, reading some basic explanations of how resumes work is a waste of time. To save you some time, here is what you can request at this company:

  • Resume writing
  • Letter of application or cover letter
  • LinkedIn profile makeover
  • CV writing
  • Interview techniques and career coaching
  • Response to selection criteria

Even after reading the page for the last service in this list, we still couldn’t figure out what they offer with this. The process is as follows. You send them your resume and request a service from this list. Then, they send you a short, free critique of your resume and tell you the price. If you like it, you’ll get a face to face consultation and they’ll start working on your order.

Prices overview 

There is a big reason behind their secrecy – Sydneyresumes is painfully expensive! They say that they ‘do not compete with their competitors on price’, and this cannot be more true. Not only do they not compete, but they don’t even come close in terms of affordability to most services. Up until this point, we have never received a higher quote. 

Our quote exceeded $300 for a single resume service, nothing else included. When we asked if they have a satisfaction or money-back guarantee to go with the order, they informed us that there’s nothing of the kind – but vaguely. Apparently, this service doesn’t think that they can do wrong, so they don’t even bother to offer free revisions. 

In fact, they have gone so far as to suggest that their competitors with better rates will outsource your resume overseas and that you’ll be at a big risk of having your identity stolen. Who says these kinds of things?

Discounts Overview 

Discounts are unheard of when it comes to this service. Funny enough, we read a testimonial on their website that mentioned how generous they are with discounts. But, if they don’t even disclose their rates, how do they provide discounts? It became more and more obvious that the testimonials there are fake or pre-selected to make the service look better. With that kind of pricing, we don’t see many choosing to order here in the first place. Not to mention, our order with them was of average quality and definitely not worth it.

Quality level 

Since everything is very expensive at this company, we picked only a resume service to test their writers’ expertise and see why the service decided not to give any kinds of guarantees. It took them 9 hours to provide us with their short critique of the resume (which made no sense and was really vague, too), and give us the really high quote. When we asked for the rest of the prices, they said that we should only ask if we are really interested to order?!

To be able to write this quality evaluation, we had to proceed and order here regardless of how expensive it was. The resume came 5 days later as promised, so they didn’t delay it. However, for the fortune we paid, it was far from good enough. We’d rate it as average since it was original and formatted. Still, we’ve seen much better – and for half the price, too!

Conclusion is a frustrating service. We say this because they have chosen to hide their prices from visitors and provide them only once you give them your old resume. They take forever to tell customers a price and when they do, we don’t see many customers sticking around to order – that is how highly priced they are. The quality isn’t all that bad, but their service and approach, not to mention their prices, make none of this worthwhile.

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