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This is supposed to be the ‘leading network of professional CV and resume writers’, but I found only little about the company online. Successful resume is not a company I’m familiar with and, to my discontent, the reputation it has is not really what it should be. I started by successful resume review by checking the website. The website of successfulresume looks really good, but it’s not functional in every sense. It’s easy to navigate, but I immediately had troubles with finding important information for this successfulresume review, such as the pricing.

Successful Resume Services

This information is presented on the site, which is a relief. But, it’s vaguely described, so it took a fair share of my time to unravel the details. To make this easier for you, I made a list of the services I know this company offers as products:

  • Resumes and cover letters
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Career coaching
  • Interview preparation
  • Outplacement services
  • Business writing

You probably noticed that they lack some crucial job application services like CVs and thank-you letters, while they have some really attractive services like interview preparation and outplacement. The last service was the most curious for me. Apparently, this isn’t an ordinary resume service. They don’t focus on job applicants to help them find a job – but also on businesses.

It’s a really strange choice of services, but the last category, business writing includes: developing business plans, writing blogs, designing advertising campaigns and brochures, corporate copy writing, and even PowerPoint presentations. I’ve never before found a resume service that helps employers as well as employees.

SuccessfulResume Prices

In the attempt to offer more with the goal to widen their audience, the company provided services like no other chooses to divulge in. This requires a lot of talent, but I don’t see many people sitting around to wait for a quote. That is exactly what happens here. There aren’t any prices you can see or access on the site. To get them, you need to send in a request and – wait for them to decide what your price will be.

This means that there aren’t packages that combine services with a discount, not to my knowledge. I sent a request for two things, resume and cover letter, and the quote they gave me was over $300. This is a really high price, much higher from what I expected. The pricing, as well as the lack of crucial information, are probably the two biggest reasons for the very limited number of successful resume reviews I stumbled across.

Successful Resume Discounts

At this point, I wasn’t even looking for discount information. Why would I when I don’t have access to prices? It seems like the company gives quotes based on the request you send in, so all the prices for customers seem to be different in the successfulresume reviews. Don’t expect any discounts on packages – you get the quote as long as they discuss it and decide what it is going to be.

Quality of the Service

This was the thing I was waiting for quite eagerly. I usually know what I’m dealing in by the point the resume package is delivered. It takes 5 days to get the package or the product you ordered, so in the meantime, I checked their reputation.

You won’t find a lot about the company online, just a couple of testimonials that look concerning fake. They speak marvelous things, including statements for low prices, which turned out to be false.

So, I waited and received my own resume and cover letter. At this point, I can give you information first-hand. The company does not do well with requirements. The resume was done in a template and lacked some essential skills I provided. The cover letter looked better, but still not good enough for that price they charged me.

Support Management

The support acts fact, which is the only good thing about the waiting period when you request a quote. They sent the quote a couple of minutes after I requested it. It was high and when I complained, they gave me a small, barely significant discount of less than 10%. Even so, they were friendly and professional.


Except for the support that I’ve established is fast and professional, nothing was appealing about this company. They hide information about prices, which is frustrating. They don’t have a big number of customers, understandably so, so there’s very little to read about them online. I can’t recommend them because the resume package I got was a terrible fit for the price I paid to get it.

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