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When you visit the Select Resumes website, you think it looks professional and trustworthy. The company invested a lot into design and content since it’s the first thing capturing the attention of a potential client.

Yet, in the modern world, it’s possible to get a professional website for less than $500. And anyone who has money can get a website. That’s why it’s highly essential to check Select Resumes reviews before ordering from them. And we are here to help!

Select Resumes Services

Resume writing is an art. That’s why writing professionals who decide to enter this industry learn a lot. Moreover, each resume paper should have other supplementary materials, like cover letters, various profiles, and many others. So, the first thing we decided to include in our Selectresumes review is services they offer.

It’s easy to find this information on their website. Nevertheless, we will share it separately. So, this professional team offers:

  • Various types of resumes like executive, nursing, professional, blue-collar, graduate, mining, and teacher.
  • LinkedIn profile writing.
  • Customized personal resume website creation.
  • Business profiles writing.
  • Interview coaching.
  • Selection criteria writing.
  • Cover letter writing.

The service offering looks wide. However, we have not seen some critical services here. First, the team doesn’t offer CV writing. Curriculum vitae is a little bit different from resumes and mandatory for an academic professional. Next, the team doesn’t have any thank you letter writing service. And finally, they don’t provide military resume writing.

Select Resumes Prices

At select resumes, there are no standard packages or something similar. The company has over 29 options for its customers. These options are subdivided into six sections:

  • Career services
  • Design services
  • Resume and cover letter packages
  • Selection criteria
  • Selection criteria (per point)
  • Statement of claims.

Not looking at the fact that this page is well-structured, it’s hard to navigate the service you actually need. Moreover, prices here are quite high. For example, resume and cover letter writing costs from $317.00 to $506.95. And comparing with other companies, it’s quite an expensive service.

SelectResumes Discounts

When we started writing our Select Resumes review, we decided to check other Selectresumes reviews online. Unfortunately, we have not found any information about the discounts and loyalty program this team offers, so we decided to do our own research.

The first thing you should know about this writing team is that they don’t have any loyalty program. So, if you decide to order from here again, there won’t be any discount or bonus.

However, the team has discounts for customers who are ordering online and equals to 5%. This discount can be applied to almost any paper, and you need a coupon code to get it. And it’s complicated to find it since it is hidden on several pages of the website.

Quality of the service

To form a full view of Select Resumes team, we decided to place an order here. We ordered a professional resume for the person who is going to get work in a medium-sized local company. We had a messy draft resume, and the team should have re-worked it.

We filled out the form on the website and started to wait. In a couple of days, the team contacted us and scheduled an interview. The next day we were asked plenty of questions regarding experience, skills, and other things related to the career search. It took a lot of time for us to supply a writer with all these details. We got our resume in five days. It was well-designed and structured. However, when we checked its contents, we were disappointed. Our resume contained grammar errors and have not met professional resume writing standards. We asked a team to review it but have not got any reply so far.

Support management

The company provides customer service via email form and phone. They don’t have a chat option. At a pre-ordering stage, the support team was friendly and answered all our questions. But when we got our resume, we were not able to get any reply via email and was dropped-off several times on a phone.


We hope that in our Select Resumes review, you learned about this team and made your own conclusions. Based on our experience, we cannot recommend them to our readers because the quality of resumes they deliver is below average. Moreover, they charge a high price for the service, and not all job seekers can afford them.

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