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A Resumestoyou that loads slowly, but it is very well designed – that is what was waiting for me when I opened the pages of Resumes To You. To many, this will be the first time they hear of the company. It was my first time to hear about them too, but they met my criteria for evaluation. However, even though the site is active for over 3 years, there aren’t a lot of resumestoyou reviews for us to read online. That’s why I believed it’s crucial that I do my evaluation and provide the results in this resumes to you review.

Resumes To You Services

Resumes to you website is full of useful information, but they could use some organization of their services. You can only see the range in the pricing page, and even then, you’ll have to go through all packages to see what exactly you’ll get here.

To save you some time, I went through them and I learned that resumes to you has three main services to give you: resume writing, cover letter writing, and LinkedIn profile service. That’s all – but they seem to have combined it in many different packages.

To make things simpler, I’ve organized the different packages. Firstly, there are packages that combine resumes and cover letter for entry level, trades & services, management, and executive field. Secondly, there are packages for these four individual fields, but they combine a resume, a cover letter, and a LinkedIn profile – all three services their list comprises of. You can also order a separate cover letter service, but that’s all in terms of individual products.

This is a very limited list. They skipped important job description products like a CV and a thank-you letter, and moved straight to the modern LinkedIn service. There’s not even a mention of resume distribution or electronic resumes, neither on the site nor in resumes to youreviews.

ResumesToYou Pricing

Now that you know about the three services and available packages, here are the prices that you’ll find here:

  • Entry level packages – $129 and $199
  • Trades and services packages – $198 and $320
  • Management packages – $269 and $420
  • Executive package – $329 and $470
  • Cover letter only – $79

The prices are attractive for the package number one that consists of resume and cover letter, but they’re quite steep for the one that only includes an extra LinkedIn profile service. There’s a huge difference between prices for, let’s say, the management packages, which is strange.

Resumes To You Discounts

At the moment when I am writing this resumes to you review, I can confirm that a discount code showed up on my screen giving me 10% off the order I make. There are a couple of mentions of this kind of discounts that date over a year ago, so it’s safe to say that this is a long-lasting offer. It’s probably created to attract more people, but nevertheless, it makes the prices much better. Despite the very limited services list, the prices here are satisfactory for this type of service being offered.


Now this is the deciding point that led me to give this service the rating I gave it. The service list was bad and the site needed improvement, but the prices were good. Even so, I didn’t like the quality, and neither did the customers who wrote about the company online. There were a limited number of comments, but the ones I read leaned on a negative side. After I received my package that came seven days after I paid for it, I can say that I agree with those testimonials. The quality was average for the resume and below average for the cover letter, definitely not worth the quote I paid.

Support Management

Support is supposed to jump in and resolve these kinds of issues, but they didn’t do it in my case. I was expecting the resume soon, in maximum 5 days like most companies deliver it. But, they delayed it quite a lot and no one chose to respond to my queries and complaints in the meantime. When I got it, no one said anything about the delay, and up until this day, the support hasn’t resolved my problem.


Some things about Resumestoyou company are attractive, but those things are far from enough to make me recommend the service. The quality they offer is below average considering the prices they charge. They aren’t expensive as some other companies are, but without quality and with limited service list, I can’t possibly give them a high rating.

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