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So far in my evaluations, I’ve come across very few companies with such a legitimate and easy-to-navigate website. This site gives you every bit of information you will need if you are thinking of ordering from ResumesPlanet. It provides easy access to prices, detailed information about packages and discounts, and even samples that really resemble the product they delivered to me when I ordered.

ResumesPlanet Services

The list of services jumpstarted my Resumesplanet review – in a good way. In the middle of all companies that limit services to just resume or perhaps a cover letter as an option, this list is refreshing.

Resumesplanet starts with resume writing, but it also does resume editing if you don’t want to get a new one from scratch. You can use it to order a CV or edit your CV, too. Moreover, they have cover letter writing, thank you and follow-up letters, and some additional services I hardly found anywhere else so far:

  • Distribution to employment agencies
  • KSAs service – knowledge, skills, abilities
  • E-cover letter writing service
  • LinkedIn service

These are ordered either separately or in a package. The latter seems to be more attractive and highly discounted and there are plenty of different options for packages to look into.

Resumes Planet Prices Overview

There’s so many services and combinations, you’ll have a hard time choosing your favorite. To write my resumesplanet review, I picked a package. It was a much smarter decision than getting just a resume. A resume would cost me $98.99 and my package of resume+ cover letter + thank-you and follow-up letters cost me a total of $145.85. The delivery time I chose was 5 days, while you can pay more to get it in 3, 2, or even just 24 hours.

When I compare this pricing to the other companies on the Internet that I checked, it’s a very good pricing. I didn’t expect the packages to be so well priced once I read some resumesplanet reviews and saw how popular and used this company is. Even so, the prices are really good. There’s even a chance to update your LinkedIn presence too with a package or an individual service. A package that combined my items and a LinkedIn service costs $186.18 only.

ResumesPlanet Discounts

The price that I paid came from their discounted rates that only apply to packages. This is why the packages are a much more popular option and very affordable on the site. You don’t have to use a resumes planet discount code to get their discount offers. They’re applied to packages’ prices directly, and you can confirm this by checking the pricing of the individual services.

It’s a great policy. There’s no loyalty policy since, if you have to return to order again, it means that this company didn’t work. This is a much better option, I think – them giving discounts to all customers. It gives you a great shot at a job you want considering how highly praised the service is in resumes planet reviews, while it costs almost nothing compared to other companies that’ll burn a hole in your pocket.

Quality of the Services

I might have mentioned this before, but here it is again – quality is my priority. I spend most of my time checking this, especially since I order to double-check the results from my overall search engine evaluation.

The search engine evaluation applies to testimonials. I read many of them online and they tend to tell me a lot about how the service treats customers and their orders. For Resumesplanet company, there’s an impressive number of great praises from customers in the form of long reviews and short testimonials.

The second step was to wait five days for my package. After five days, I confirmed all I’ve learned by reading the testimonials. The package was without a flaw but, even so, they still told me to contact them if there was something I didn’t like.

Support Management

Once the package came to my email address, it was combined with a message from the support telling me that I can reach out to them at any time. I used this chance to see how the support management works. I was in awe with their fast response and the fact that their agent seemed to genuinely care if I’m happy or not. He even informed me that, if I don’t get an interview call, I should call them and they’ll revise the entire package without any charges.

Summary for ResumesPlanet review

After careful consideration and five days waiting for my package, I can say without a doubt that this is an amazing resume service. They stand behind the reputation they have, which was very good when I checked. I recommend them for their continuous quality, grand effort of the support management, but mostly – because their prices aren’t putting customers in a tight financial situation.

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  1. Resume Planet really great service, my resume was made professional, I received the job just in a few days after I sent my resume to the employer. Thanks

  2. There’s just one service that can make a great resume with little qualifications – Resumes Planet.

  3. helped me to get CIO role in the huge enterprise. I happy, it is a boost for my career.

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