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Resume Writing Lab looks like a professional company that offers to help you with your job applications. They mention experts in writing resumes, originally crafted services, as well as a 7-day guarantee for a free revision. However, as you progress in reading this Resume Writing Lab review, you’ll learn that the company is not as honest as it seems at first. 

The one good thing that we noticed right away is the website design. The prices are clearly listed in the order form and there’s a separate page for all services. Still, things rapidly went downhill when we proceeded to order for this Resumewritinglab review. 

ResumeWritingLab Services Overview 

We first noticed a mishap on behalf of the company when we checked their order form to see what’s offered here. You can use it to see a full list of services and pick exactly what you wish to get. However, in addition to individual services you can get, there’s also an option for packages. There’s no indication what these packages include anywhere on the website. Interestingly, you can pick one and see the price, but you cannot see what’s included in it. 

We used the support chat to discuss this matter and see what their packages include. There’s no actual agent answering the live chat. It’s an automated live chat, so we never received an actual answer. They sent a link to the order form that we’ve already seen and said ‘’Check here please’’. After this, they told us to contact the manager via e-mail. Two days later and she still hasn’t responded.  

Eventually, we had to handpick our products and weren’t able to use their 10% discount applicable to packages since of course, we didn’t know what they included. 

On the service page, you can click on resume writing and select several other products if you want. These include: cover letter writing, career coaching, thank-you letter writing, LinkedIn profile, and KSA. You can also select editing services for resumes and CVs. 

The available career levels are: entry, professional, military, federal, executive or C-level, and academic. 

Prices Overview 

Naturally, the cheapest prices apply for entry level. For this level, you will pay $139 for resume writing, $125.98 for career coaching, $59 for cover letter writing, KSA or LinkedIn, and $49 for thank-you or follow-up letter writing. Editing of resumes for entry level costs $79 and of CV $139. 

Those who have checked these types of services know that these prices are far from ideal, especially since they apply to people with little or no experience to be included in the application. The prices only get higher from this point. Packages rate from $179.99 to $399.99, but they are not worth anything considering that you won’t know what they include. 

For professional level, the prices of services range between $89 and $229. For federal, they range between $59 and $439. 

Discounts Overview 

As we mentioned, the only discounts available at Resumewritinglab are applied to packages. If you choose the services individually, you pay the full price. If you pick a package, you get 10% off. But, how do you know which package offers what?

The answer is – you don’t. Not only did this company choose to emit this crucial information when they offered packages, but they actually ask customers to wait for an email response to learn the details. Even with the discount, the prices are exaggerated, so what’s the point?

Quality Level 

After all the hassle that was ordering on this website, we expected them to be excellent. There’s no reason why they’d charge such high prices unless they offered great resumes. However, the resume, cover letter, and CV they sent were of average quality. The resume was pretty much the same we sent out with a different format. The CV was poorly organized and looked too much like a template. They did almost nothing with the LinkedIn profile. We ended up paying a fortune for three products they probably didn’t spend more than an hour to complete. 

We checked the Web for similar templates and concluded that they use their original ones. However, these products wouldn’t really take you anywhere considering that they are no better than any resume you create by using an online template. When we reached out for a free revision which was guaranteed, they once again said: contact the manager via e-mail. The manager is nowhere to be found. 


This is obviously a small website owned and managed by the person in the About us page. We must say, it’s terribly managed. They’ve put high prices for the services offered, failed to include the most important information about their packages, and don’t respond on e-mails. The free revision guarantee is fake seeing how we requested some changes and never even received a reply. 

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