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Some companies are widely recognized, so you hear about them a lot. Or at least, you read a lot about them online. Resume services Australia is not one of those companies. Before I tasked myself with writing this resume services Australia review, I had never heard about the website.

Even though the information about them is fairly limited, including their year of establishment, the website looks good. It has professional and sleek design and a lot of information available at your fingertips. This is a good start for the resumeservicesaustralia review. Let’s proceed from there.

ResumeServicesAustralia Services

This part was already a bit disappointing. In terms of services, resume services au isn’t exactly disappointing since they have several attractive options. But, the list isn’t as big as I hoped for. It doesn’t contain resume editing, CVs, or thank-you and follow-up letters. The only things offered are resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn, and interview coaching.

Now, the list might not be ideal when I compare it to other lists I’ve seen, but it’s still solid. There’s even a service named selection criteria, which is strange at first. It’s actually not something you can order, but something that goes adjacent to their offers – finding the criteria that make a customer an ideal job candidate. It’s quite strange that resume writing services Australia decided to list this in the service list.

Now, the services come in packages, but they are really poorly described and organized, so prepare yourself to spend some time to go through all offers. In other companies, packages are more attractive in terms of their prices, but here, if you choose anything more than a basic package with one product, you should be prepared to spend hundreds of dollars.

Resume Services Australia Prices

This is where this resume service australiamelbourne lost most of the rating – the prices. This is a very, very highly priced company. It has very limited testimonials I could find and still, their prices are higher than those of the top-rated resume sites I’ve evaluated. It’s really strange, them not choosing to attract more people with at least some discounts.

Resumeservicesaustralia determines prices based on three categories: bronze, silver and gold. Every service has three packages named with these terms. For resume, the first one costs $129 and basically contains only a resume. The gold is the most attractive package since it has a cover letter and some nice features in it, but the price is exceedingly high – $429.

Interestingly, this package has a 30 days email and phone support when compared to the other two, but no one says what this means. There aren’t guarantees described, so why would you need support when you already have the package? And, does this mean that those who don’t pay over $400 aren’t entitled to support?

Resume Services Australia Discounts

Don’t expect discounts – there obviously aren’t any when the prices are these high. There might be many features in the gold packages, but there are hardly people who’d be willing to spend $400 and more when they’re searching for a job. Even if they are, I don’t think they’d go to a service that isn’t really reputable at this moment.


When I checked for the quality by ordering, I was honestly devastated. The quality was bad, and no one decided to reply to my messages to fix this. Don’t expect any guarantees if you don’t land an interview. Seeing how the product they gave me was too much template-like and cost over $300, I was really disappointed. I don’t see myself using that resume ever.

Support Management

I simply had too many questions to ask, so I tried to get in touch to them. But – no response, never. They have a form you can fill and wait for a reply. But apparently, this doesn’t function as well as they say it does. The fact that they don’t even have a live chat or email provided to visitors, not to mention a phone number where you can call, would make many believe that this is a scam service. They’d be right to do so – a service without any reliable support management is very close to being a scam service, even if they provide actual products when you pay them.


The number of things that are good about this company is very small. It’s not cheap at all and, even though it has some nice services offered, they still lack some and urgently need some website organization. To be more, the quality is much lower from what I paid, so I can’t recommend this service.

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