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Resume Centre Company Overview

Resume Centre is an online company that offers some help to job seekers. The company was founded more than 20 years ago by James Innes, a professional in human resources and job sector. The team helps Australian and Canadian employees to apply for the best positions and boost up the career.

And not looking at such a fantastic background, the company has an interfering reputation among its past clients. So, our team decided to check this company and created our Resume Centre review. Below you will find the information about pricing, services, discounts, and quality this team delivers. 

Resume Centre Services Overview 

When you are searching for a new job, you need to go through the preparation stage: craft resume, write letters, update your online profiles, etc. So, if you are looking for a resume writing company, you are expecting to get all these at one single place. 

Here is the list of services provided by this resume writing company:

  • Your current resume review.
  • Career help services.
  • Resume writing service.
  • Cover letter writing service.
  • LinkedIn profile writing.
  • Photo editing. 
  • Job application form writing service.
  • Interview coaching service.
  • Resume proofreading service.

As you see, they don’t have a broad service offering. They don’t provide military resume writing, CV writing and thank you letters. Moreover, they are not selling resume submission services, and we have doubts about resume optimization. It is a vital service since it allows your job application to go through HR software filters. 

ResumeCentre Pricing 

So, we covered all the services offered by the team. Now, it’s time to learn how much they charge for them. Here resume writing service starts from $125 for the person with less than one year of experience. The more experience you have, the higher is the price. 

Also, there are three packages based on a writer’s level. The cheaper one is a standard writer, and the most expensive is a service package with James Innes. But to get it you need to book the service. 

Professional LinkedIn profile will cost you $95, and social media presence evaluation and correction can cost you up to $232.00.

As you see, this service is not cheap, and if you have years of experience behind, you will need to pay a lot. Yet, discounts might help you to reduce the price. Let’s find out if this team offers them. 

Discounts Policy Overview

Resume Centre doesn’t provide any discounts to both new and returning customers. They emphasize that their fees are extremely low, and even unemployed professionals can afford their service. But if we compare them with other companies, they are 20% more expensive than others. 

Nevertheless, they are offering a money-back guarantee, so if you aren’t satisfied with their work, you can always ask for a refund. But you should check this policy before placing an order since there are cases when you are not eligible for the refund at this company. 

Also, they don’t have an affiliate program, so you cannot earn bonuses by inviting people either. 

Quality Overview 

Our Resume Centre review won’t be full without a quality overview. That’s why we decided to order a professional resume from this team. We created a terrible resume for John Doe and placed an order on the website. We chose the second service package.

Soon, we got a call from the team and went through a standard questionnaire. John wanted to change work and wanted a better position and higher salary. 

Our resume came to the inbox in a week. It was crafted using a standard template. The photo was edited with Lightroom preset and was not of the best quality. The structure was not eye-catching. We submitted our resume to HR software and was disappointed with the result, and it didn’t go through. 


In our review, you learned more about this service, and we hope that it will help you to make the right decision. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend this team for a job seeker. They charge high prices, don’t offer CV writing, and don’t have discounts or loyalty program. Their money-back guarantee is tricky, and it’s not transparent service. 

They create dull, not exciting resumes that don’t pass human resources software. Their photo editing service is nothing more than the use of Lightroom presets, and a person with basic skills can do it without any issue. 

If you need a full-scale resume writing service, it’s better to pick another company. There are hundreds of companies online, and we have reviewed others, so you can search on the website to find the one you need. 

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