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Creating resumes is said to be easy with Novoresume. That’s exactly what your impression will be once reading the website information. But, when you find out that most Novoresume reviews are negative, you get a very different picture about this resume service.

Resumes are a crucial part of your job application, which is why you can’t go wrong with choosing a service that’ll help you do yours. That being said, we wrote this Novoresume review to elaborate on what they offer, what kind of quality you can expect here, what their prices are like, and how trustworthy the service is really. Now, without further ado, let’s proceed with our Novoresume builder review.

NovoResume Services Overview

The first and most important thing you should know is that Novoresume doesn’t write resumes, cover letters, or any related job application products. What this service provides is a builder, an automated tool you can pay to use to create your resume. So basically, this isn’t another service that will help you by turning your qualifications and skills into a ready resume. It’s full of tutorials and features that let you do yours at a given price.

This was the first disappointment we had with the website, but not the last one. Another thing we learned was that the builder can only be used to create resumes and cover letters. You can use a free option to create a one-page resume with a very limited list of features (quite useless, to be honest), or go for a paid option and create resumes and cover letters for a specified period of time.

Novo Resume Prices Overview

The prices are normal for an automated builder, though you can find lower rates for the same features online. Even so, it all depends on the quality of the builder. For starters, we chose the cheapest option which gives you access to the website for one month. After all, if you have to create new and new resumes for months to come, that means that the website doesn’t really work.

This offer cost us 15 Euros and is the cheapest you can get there if you want to enjoy all the features of the paid version. For three-month access, you will be asked to pay 29.99 Euros, therefore saving 15 Euros. And finally, for a yearly subscription to the builder, you should pay 90 Euros, which isn’t cheap at all for an automated tool.

Novoresume Discounts Overview

The only discount, if you can call it that, is the discounted quote for the 3-months membership. This was the only discount we found to present in our novo resume review.

Naturally, most will pick the first option if they decide to go for in the first place. However, if you’re struggling with making a resume, spending money to get some free features that would help might not be the smartest option for you. There are many companies we’ve come across that combine some fine discounts and have reliable prices, and their expertise could give you a much better shot at your dream job.

Other Features

If you choose to pay for the paid membership, you’ll get the same set of features regardless of how long you plan to use this website. Here are the features that their plans include:

  • Up to 3 pages of a CV or a resume
  • Custom layout
  • Multiple versions
  • Cover letter
  • 9 extra fonts compared to the free version and up to 20 extra colour themes
  • Specialized sections and icons for interests and causes
  • Creative rating styles and backgrounds

As you can see, this list isn’t what you’d call extensive especially since you probably need several products to complete a job application. However, if the builder is well-developed, these features could be of real help. Unfortunately, our experience with it was no better than the experience we’ve had with free online resume builders. Therefore, your money are definitely better spent by ordering custom resume, or on a service with a more advanced set of features.

When it comes to their professional video tutorials, they aren’t very impressive either. We got access to their limited selection of tutorials, and all of them are pretty generalized and vague.


If you came on this site expecting to get your resume or cover letter written, you can leave it right away. This is not a writing service of any kind. It’s an automated builder, a tool you can use when you’re doing your own resume. It’s a paid tool, too, and it comes at a reasonable price. However, the features aren’t what we’d rate as advanced or really helpful, and we found that this website is no better than the free or really cheap tools you can find online that serve the very same purpose.

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