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On the first glance, the website of My CV Consultant looks quite appealing – fresh, modern, and polished. It almost sparks an assurance that they can take care of your needs.

But can they truly do that?

We must remind you that when it comes to CV writing, you shouldn’t fall for the looks. Your decision parameter should always come down to service quality and pricing. We would be looking at these two factors specially in our MyCVConsultant review today.

My CV Consultant Services

As you can see in the website, they offer two main service categories – resume writing and CV writing. They can also help you with your LinkedIn profile to give your portfolio a bit more professional feel.

So, let’s take a deeper look at what they can truly offer us, the customers –

Resume and CV Related Services

  • A consultation service about your resume over the phone
  • Creation of a list that highlights your expertise and work experiences
  • Innovative design

Cover Letter Services

  • Offers an editable document that you can use in future
  • Crafts cover letters that fits you to the job roles
  • Creates a value proposition that you can offer to any job

LinkedIn Profile Related Services

  • Helps you achieve the “All-Star” status
  • Gets you connected to a network so that you can get the notice
  • Adds connections

Okay, you might feel that these services are perfect for you. But if you look closely, these are only some generic and common services. None of the services are special – they are just sugar coated with fancy words!

Is My CV Consultant truly worthy? We will discuss that later.

My CV Consultant Pricing

Before we discuss a out the quality of the services let’s talk about their pricing policies. This is where things get confusing as they don’t disclose the pricing publicly in the website.

Why are they not showing the prices directly in the website? You can’t even find the rates from other MyCVConsultant reviews either. This is something that you should make you concerned about!

However, we got deeper so that we can give you a hint on their pricing policy. After talking to them it seems that they negotiate with each client separately ask for different rate depending on the professional experience and the client’s status.

It creates a huge room for controversy. Will they overcharge you?

You can NEVER know!

My CV Consultant Discounts

If you are looking for discounts or loyalty programs, we must disappoint you. Not only they have a vague pricing policy, but also, they don’t offer any discount on that price.

They are on the deciding chair in this case. You can try negotiating with them but we don’t think that helps (judging by our experience).

Quality of the Service

What if you are not concerned about the cost of the service but want to get a service from them anyway? Will you be getting a quality resume or CV?

Sadly, no!

We have to say in our MyCVConsultant review that their resumes are quite mediocre. There is nothing special that we can talk about it. It follows the same cookie-cutter templates. Even the design looks something coming from the 90’s!

There are a ton of services that can do magic with design. In our opinion, the final product was rather pale!

Moreover, if you are in a hurry and looking for a quick turnaround, you will get disappointed again. They don’t follow any hard and fast timeline for deadlines.

Support Management

We were expecting more rigorous support from them. The only way you can reach them is via a direct phone call and you will have to contact them during their office time. So, you will have to follow their timeline and hope that they have enough time for your needs.

We think they should at least try adding the live chat option if any customer wants to know about their pricing policy or other services.


In the end, we wouldn’t recommend My CV Consultant to you. You can’t be sure if the asking price is too high or not. Moreover, their customer support team is not strong enough. Finally, the resume quality is not the best in the market either.

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