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Exceptionalresumes is a resume writing service. They serve customers across Sydney, Melbourne and in general throughout Australia. They promise to offer top professionally written resumes. They also promise that all the writers available at Exceptionalresumes are highly skilled with verified higher academic backgrounds. 

We have performed a thorough research to see if what they promise is indeed true. We invested plenty of time and efforts into reviewing Exceptionalresumes, so that we can offer you plenty of reliable information. We can say their website looks professional, but there is little valuable information available. We also noticed a few fake reviews and profiles that are not real. 

Services overview

When reviewing a writing company, we always pay close attention to the services they offer. Some companies offer a great variety of services, while others focus on more targeted solutions. For this Exceptionalresumes review, we also checked what types of services they offer on the website. They do not display any types of services at all. They only promise to write your resume, but there are no other details available. Generally, resume writing companies state what types of resumes they offer, what areas they cover, and so on. 

Many companies also offer to re-write your old resume and make it more modern and appealing to the HR officer. This company does not offer such extra services. They also do not offer any proofreading or resume editing services. Carefully read this Exceptionalresumes review to find out even more detailed information about this resume writing service. 

Prices overview – Exceptional resumes

Exceptional resumes charges extremely expensive prices. In our opinion, they charge prices that students on a limited budget cannot afford. The company offers resume writing packages. For example, the Heavy Hitter packages includes strategy consultation, professionally written resume, keyword optimization, applicant tracking system, resumes test & pass and a targeted cover letter. The cost of such a package is around $700. In our opinion, this is an outrageous price to pay for someone who is looking for a job and needs a resume. 

The most expensive cost charged by Exceptional resumes is for the future CEO package. This package costs $850. We consider these prices are ridiculous, for one resume and for one cover letter. Students or young people looking for a job cannot possibly pay for a resume out of pocket. 

Discounts overview

When we created this exceptional resumes review, we paid particular attention to the aspect of discounts and deals. They have very expensive prices, so we wanted to see of new customers or loyal customers can have the opportunity to save some money when placing their orders. We could not find any available discounts, special deals or bonuses. Even if you order two packages and you pay them around $1,600 or more, you still cannot save even 5%.

We can also disclose to you in this exceptional resumes review that most reliable companies offer first order discounts of 10% or even 20%. Then, they offer free editing / proofreading of the resumes and scale based discounts based on the number of pages needed. These include discounts of 5%, 10%, 15% and so on. Loyal customers can end up saving even 30% on their orders after some time. Unfortunately, this company does not welcome its customers with any special bonuses and savings. 

Quality level

Even though they have outrageous costs, we placed an order to see the quality offered. We placed our order on exceptionalresumes.com.au and we chose the cheapest package option. We asked them to write us a resume for a marketing company, for the manager position. We gave them all the details and let then create the resume. Firstly, they missed our deadline and we did not like that since we paid a lot of money. 

Then, the resume was incomplete. It did not include all the academic details we gave them, and the editing was dome poorly. The resume we received could get 2 points out of ten for quality, overall content and professionalism. 


We do not recommend using the services of this company. They charge very high prices, and the quality offered is very poor. Even though they created a professional looking but fake website, they do not offer any good quality to customers. There are no discounts, special deals or bonuses available. You cannot get in touch with anyone because they do not have an instant chat option. When you need a good resume fast, you cannot rely on such unprofessional services. 

We hope this exceptionalresumes.com.au review helps you understand that you should look elsewhere for quality solutions. There are plenty of top reliable resume writing companies out there which offer great value for your money. You will get there great communication, top quality, affordable prices and services that are indeed affordable to high school or university students. 

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