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A badly organized, plain website was the first thing we found when we started writing this Empireresume review. Navigating through the pages was not as simple as it should be, and the website lacked some really important information. Even some of the things that were there were vaguely described. 

However, first impressions are not always an indicator of the actual quality. After all, there are companies that appear as great and turn out to be bad. So, we decided to give Empireresume a chance to prove themselves. We ordered from them and checked all their offers. If you want to discover the details, read this Empireresume.com review. 

EmpireResume Services Overview

Empireresume.com offers separate products and packages. You can choose between resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile makeover as separate products. Or, you can choose between four available packages, all of which come with their set of features. Here is what their packages include:

  • Basic package – resume writing, optional phone consultation, job search guide, interview prep guide, and satisfaction guarantee.
  • Standard package – resume writing, optional phone consultation, cover letter, job search guide, interview prep guide, and satisfaction guarantee.
  • Advanced package – resume writing, optional phone consultation, cover letter, follow-up letter, job search guide, interview prep guide, and satisfaction guarantee.
  • Expert package – resume writing, optional phone consultation, cover letter, follow-up letter, LinkedIn makeover, job search guide, interview prep guide, and satisfaction guarantee.

The packages have several common features. Basically, the only thing that makes one package more costly than the previous one is the addition of a single product. Unfortunately, even though these are the frequently requested products by job seekers, the company still lacks some basic items such as thank-you letters, CVs, etc. 

Prices overview 

First of all, let’s give the packages a closer look. The basic package costs $199, which is pretty high seeing how the only product you get with this option is resume. This is an extreme price for resume, and the fact that they guarantee quality or allow you to call them is no justification for this high pricing. As for the guides, they are ready and sent to every customer, regardless of what they order. 

The remaining packages cost $229 for the standard, $249 for the advanced, and $299 for the expert package. The difference between these is not grand, which is realistic since the only difference is a single product. 

If you choose to order individual products, you have two options only. Since a single resume is basically their basic package, you cannot order this at a different price. You can order a LinkedIn makeover at $100 and a cover letter at $50. There’s also a mention of military resume creation, but they decided not to share any of the important information such as the pricing for this service. 

Discounts Overview 

The reality is, there are no discounts on the website. On the price page, you’ll see crossed prices above the prices we discussed. But, they have been here since the creation of the company, so they aren’t really realistic. They’re probably put there for marketing reasons. 

Seeing how their products are very limited in number, their packages don’t come at discounted rates. The prices you see are the prices you get here – no coupons or exceptions.

EmpireResume.com Quality level 

This service has decent prices for some of their packages. It is only their basic package that contains a resume only that’s costly. So, we decided to pick a different package, one that combines all four of their products. It seemed to be the smartest choice at the time since the price is really not much different when you consider what their packages include. 

However, spending $300 on the things they sent us ended up being a big mistake. Why? Because every single product they delivered was bad. First, there was the resume that was full of mistakes, not at all formatted, and lacked some of the most relevant qualifications and skills we sent in our original resume. 

Second, there was the cover letter that was obviously a template they just filled. It didn’t fit the job requirements from the job ad we sent as a sample, and it was obvious that it wasn’t custom made. 

Next there was the follow-up letter which we immediately found online as a sample on a different website. They copied the content and sent it to us.

And finally, there was the LinkedIn makeover that was basically two minor changes and nothing more. They spent minutes on the profile and did basically nothing.


Empire Resume was a disappointment in every sense of the word. Their website was vague and difficult to navigate. Their services list was incomplete. They had costly packages and no real discounts. But most importantly, they delivered the worst quality that we’ve ever received.

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