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With stylish purple design and lots of content, CV Saviour attracts job seekers with a broad service offering and professional look. CVSaviour company has invested a lot into their website, yet, we found some issues with the layout.

Nevertheless, we are aimed to rate this CVSaviour service and not the design of their website. So, below you will find all the information about services, prices, discounts, and quality they deliver.

CV Saviour Services

This section is one of the most important parts of our cvsaviour review since it contains the information which will help you to decide if the team can help you. Before placing an order at CV saviour, you need to verify if a company can provide you will all you need for your job search.

So, here is the list of services provided by the team, they subdivided them into four categories:

  • Resume services. This category includes a resume and CV writing, resume health audit, CV assessment, selection criteria, cover letters, ASCII plus plain text resume, executive biography, digital CV or online resume and resume check with job match check.
  • Social media services. This point includes LinkedIn profile creation and company business page set up.
  • Coaching and assessment services. It looks like this point is useful for both professionals and freshers. With cv saviour, you can get career counseling, interview coaching, career assessment, and personality type assessment.
  • Job search strategy coaching.

CV Saviour Pricing

When you are searching for a new job, you cannot afford expensive services. That’s why we are including these details into our cv saviour review. The company had a vast pricing list, and it’s costly. The price for fresher resume is between $419 and $627; for an early career, it ranges from $499 to $749, mid-career from $697 to $997, and if you have more experience be ready to pay a lot.

Usually, professional companies charge less for their service. And professional resume help costs between $200-300.

CV Saviour Discounts

There are many cv saviour reviews we found online claiming that this team doesn’t offer discounts to their customers. So, we decided to check this ourselves. At the FAQ section of the website, we found that this team doesn’t offer discounts.

The team claims that the service they provide is more expensive, and they maintain a transparent pricing model without any hidden costs. As a result, there is no need to give discounts or to have a loyalty program for returning customers.


When writing the next review, our team always checks service quality. This point is highly essential for job seekers since any company can have an old-fashioned none-attractive website, but they can deliver a perfect resume to a client. So, we placed an early career resume writing order on their website.

After a short interview with the team member, we were assured that we will get our resume in a week. But, unfortunately, we got it in ten days. The resume we got was not catchy. Indeed, it contained all the details we provided. The design was professional and straightforward. But when we decided to check it with the HR software, it had not passed the check. Such a resume will fall under filters and will never be delivered to the recruiter inbox.

Support management

The team provides support via chat, email, and phone. However, most of the time, the team is not available. We have not found any schedule or information on how they work. When we were lucky to connect with someone, support was really slow, as if the person helps some other customers via other channels.


On google, there are a lot of positive CV Saviour reviews. And we were impressed by thousands of customers who were satisfied with the results. But, based on our experience, we cannot recommend the company. The quality of resumes they deliver is below average, and prices are really high compared with other companies we reviewed before.

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