The Resume Writers Review

the resume writers

No matter what business niche you are in, job change is a hard and troublesome process. You might not be satisfied with your current salary, position, whatever. And it’s time to start searching, but how to get prepared for this search?

Here come resume writing services like The Resume Writers, and if you are here, you are probably interested in ordering from them. 

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Resume Centre Review

resume center

Finding a new job is hard. Even having solid soft and hard skills won’t make you the best candidate. Moreover, when you are working in a very competitive niche, it becomes almost impossible to get a better offer.

Resume Centre is an online company that offers some help to job seekers. The company was founded more than 20 years ago by James Innes, a professional in human resources and job sector. The team helps Australian and Canadian employees to apply for the best positions and boost up the career. 

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Careers Booster Review

Careersbooster is neither the most expensive nor the cheapest resume service. It’s somewhere in the middle, which is good. Too low often mean low quality and too high is something people can’t or won’t be willing to spend when they’re searching for a job. The start of my careersbooster review began really well. The site is designed perfectly to fit the industry it works across, and all the pages are simple enough for any visitor to navigate through them.

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Resumes Planet Review

So far in my evaluations, I’ve come across very few companies with such a legitimate and easy-to-navigate website. This site gives you every bit of information you will need if you are thinking of ordering from Resumes Planet. It provides easy access to prices, detailed information about packages and discounts, and even samples that really resemble the product they delivered to me when I ordered.

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All Resume Services Review


Job search is not so easy as it looks at first glance. Most job seekers stuck in the preparation phase. It’s like selling yourself to the company, and if you are not a salesperson, you cannot highlight yourself as the best candidate. Resume or CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile – everything should speak that the company needs you, and if you don’t have enough experience or skill at the preparation phase – you’ll most likely fail. 

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Resume Genius Review


Imagine that you are on the hunt for a job. Whether it is your first professional job or simply a promising side hustle, landing the job is more important to you than anything else right now. However, the problem here is that while you may be perfect for the work, resume writing is not exactly your cup of tea.

In this case, Resume Genius can help take out the element of the guesswork from your resume-building task. However, does it really live up to the hype?

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Zety Review

zety resume

Unlike what Zety tells you on the website, this is not a free website, not if you want to use their features and get access to their tool’s features. You’ll have to pay them money to download your resume files, as well as get unlimited creation opportunities.

The price is more than we expected when we learned that the zety resume builder is not free to use. But, the thing that annoyed us the most was the secrecy surrounding their pricing. It was hard getting to the pricing list and most students probably go through the sign up or even make their own resume before they realize that they’d have to pay for the features and downloads.

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Australian Help Review

australian help header

Judging from the first look, AustralianHelp seems like another academic writing companies in the market. It even has that same type of design aesthetics that you often see. Nothing truly stands out as a unique feature.

It can mean only two things – AustralianHelp will work like another company with average quality services or a total scam. We really hope doesn’t fall on the later category.

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CV Saviour Review

cvsaviour header

With stylish purple design and lots of content, cvsaviour attracts job seekers with a broad service offering and professional look. This company has invested a lot into their website, yet, we found some issues with the layout.

Nevertheless, we are aimed to rate this company service and not the design of their website. So, below you will find all the information about services, prices, discounts, and quality they deliver.

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