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Careersbooster is neither the most expensive nor the cheapest resume service. It’s somewhere in the middle, which is good. Too low often mean low quality and too high is something people can’t or won’t be willing to spend when they’re searching for a job. The start of my careersbooster review began really well. The site is designed perfectly to fit the industry it works across, and all the pages are simple enough for any visitor to navigate through them.

CareersBooster Services

There’s a bunch of services at the Careersbooster resume writing service website, which is once again – very good news for me. When I write my reviews, I try to find services that have been on the market for a while, and ones that you can use for all job application-related products that you plan to order. After all, you wouldn’t want to pick one service for a resume and have to go through the entire search again because they didn’t offer a cover or a thank-you letter.

Thankfully, Careers booster has much more than this. They have resumes, CV products, cover letters, LinkedIn profile services, thank-you and follow-up letters – as well as packages that combine these. On top of these, they even have some extra services like resume distribution or the modern, popular option – e-resume help.

Careers Booster Pricing Policy

The prices are cheap, especially on packages. The packages come at a much reduced price and you don’t have to use any careers booster discount code to get them – they are available to everyone. Actually, it’s even better to get a package instead of several products here. The combinations are numerous, which gives you a chance to get exactly the combo you want, but with a much better price.

Here are some prices you can use as example:

  • Resume and cover letter writing package – $179
  • Resume and cover letter and LinkedIn profile package – $245
  • Resume and LinkedIn profile package – $215

Now, let’s compare these to the prices of individual products. Resume writing costs $155 alone, LinkedIn profile costs $95, and a cover letter costs $55. As you can see, the prices aren’t high for any type of service, but the packages are exceptionally attractive. From what I learned while reading careersbooster reviews, these are much more popular than individual services.

CareersBooster Discounts

As I said, the packages come with discounts. For example, the first package mentioned, the one with a resume and cover letter included, has a 15% discount. But, a pop up that shows on the page when you open it also tells you about a 15% discount. I’m not sure if this is always available as an option, but I’ve read about it in a couple of careersbooster reviews and got it when I ordered, so I can assume that it’s there for quite some time. This is excellent news – very few resume companies decide to reduce their prices.


For me, this is the most essential part of my careers booster review. This is the thing I spend most of my time on, and not just because a product is ordered within 24 hours to 5 days. I waited 5 days to enjoy the best quote and in the meantime, I checked what kind of reputation the service has.
I must say, I’m impressed. The customers all praise the writers and the support, which is rarely found when I check for testimonials of a company. None mentions delays, which is perfect. Now, they only have a guarantee that’s valid if a certain period passes and you don’t get an interview callback, but even so, the success of the service is unmistakable. This was also something I confirmed when I rated my package. The resume and cover letter were both really well crafted.

Support Management

Support management is crucial for any company, especially when they operate online and don’t have official offices you can visit to talk to a representative. In this case, their online support management works really well. They are always available on phone and live chat, too, if you need them.


My experience and the research I performed online to see for testimonials and reputation showed me that this company is a very good resume and cover letter service. They hand you many products at your disposal, all at good and even discounted prices, which is amazing for such a popular company.

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  1. I stuck with my resume and needed some help. Careersboster are real professionals who helped me with it.

  2. Careers booster team is fantastic. They helped me with resume and improved my LinkedIn profile. So, I started to get offers from top companies.

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