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Judging from the first look, AustralianHelp seems like another academic writing companies in the market. It even has that same type of design aesthetics that you often see. Nothing truly stands out as a unique feature.

It can mean only two things – AustralianHelp will work like another company with average quality services or a total scam. We really hope doesn’t fall on the later category.

So, let’s start the AustralianHelp review and see whether you should consider taking their services or not.

Australian Help Services

While browsing through their services page, we noticed something interesting, rather than selling pre-made copies, they promise to offer custom writings. Almost all kinds of typical academic writings fall under the custom writing section. From a simple essay to reaction papers, you can get everything from them. So, that’s a huge plus point.

These writings are suitable for high school students to doctoral candidates. No matter what your academic level is, you can take their services.

Apart from these academic writing services, they are offering –

  • Proofreading and editing services
  • Help with math and science related problems
  • Resume and CV writing services
  • Rewriting services
  • Copywriting and
  • Admission essays

Therefore, one can say that AustralianHelp is a versatile company that can help you with every kind of needs related to writing – your one-stop solution.

Australian Help Prices

It’s good news that the pricing of the services of Australian Help stands on the cheaper side. Their pricing starts from $12.99 per page. However, this is price is applicable for a high school level essay for a 14-day turnaround period.

It would go up depending on a multiple unlimber of factors. Such as –

  • Academic level
  • Type of documentation
  • Type of service, and
  • Deadline or urgency

You check the detailed pricing policy from their website. However, we are giving a brief idea of it here in the following table –

Academic Level Minimum Cost (per page) Maximum Cost (per page)
High School $12.99 $39.99
Freshman Year $14.99 $39.99
Sophomore Year $14.99 $39.99
Junior Year $16.99 $39.99
Senior Year $18.99 $42.99
Master’s $21.99 $50.99
Doctoral $21.99 $51.98

Please remember that these prices are only for academic writings, AustralianHelp also offers other services. You should definitely visit their website to know more about these prices. However, the prices are fairly solid.

But do the prices resonate the quality of their quality? Otherwise it would be a total waste!

Check the whole Australian Help review to unravel the truth.

AustralianHelp Discounts

The good news is that you can get different kinds of discounts from them. For example, they are giving away A$93.12 worth of free features with every order!

You can get 18% discount on your first order by using the 18AUFIRST discount code.

There are some loyalty discounts if you order from them. For example –

  • 5% off for 15 pages or spending $399
  • 10% off for 50 pages or spending $799
  • 15% off for 100 pages or spending $399

Quality of the service

This is where things turn sour for AustralianHelp. Their content quality very, very poor. To be frank one of the worst writing qualities we have seen from any company. The piece we ordered was filled with hundreds of grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes.

We even saw traces of plagiarism every here and there. Is AustralianHelp legit even legit? We don’t know. Some AustralianHelp reviews claims that they are not!

So, we would suggest you stay away from their services. We know they have a low pricing policy. But the terrible writing quality is not worth even a penny!

Support management

You can connect to their support team via live chat, direct phone call or emails. However, they are only supportive before you place an order. They try very hard to make you place an order from their website.

After you place a complaint, they suddenly disappear. We complained about their poor content quality but their support team didn’t help us in any way. It even leads to question like whether AustralianHelp scam or not!


The conclusion of this review is that we would never recommend them to you. Australian Help is one of the worst writing services you can find online. You should stay away from them as there are a lot of great brands out there who can truly help you out.

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