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Job search is not so easy as it looks at first glance. Most job seekers stuck in the preparation phase. It’s like selling yourself to the company, and if you are not a salesperson, you cannot highlight yourself as the best candidate. Resume or CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile – everything should speak that the company needs you, and if you don’t have enough experience or skill at the preparation phase – you’ll most likely fail. 

And if you had been searching for the resume writing company, our review will become handy. This professional job seekers’ help website attracts by a professional design and lots of positive reviews published. However, it’s not always a good sign, so we decided to check everything for you. 

Services Overview

When you are looking for a job search help service, you are interested in getting everything you might need. That’s why we included a review of all resume services into our research. 

The company offers its service in the form of packages. The choice of the package depends on the applicant’s experience. So, working with this team and after choosing the right package, you will get: 

  • A free phone consultation to get started
  • Resume/CV crafted based on initial details after a phone call. 
  • Professional cover letter writing. 
  • LinkedIn profile set up and optimization.
  • Expression of interest letter

The company doesn’t offer thank you letter, your CV/resume submission and keyword optimization to pass HR specialists software. Also, there is no information if they work with executive resumes, military, and social workers’ resumes.

Prices overview 

Most job seekers are interested in transparent prices. That means that we need to know how much it will cost to get a service before contacting the company or placing an order. Job seekers are usually limited to money; that’s why they are not interested in paying a lot. 

And if you are looking for a team with transparent prices, team is not for you. The company does have prices for their packages, but each price contains a small not “starts with,” as a result, you need to place an order first, and then they will calculate a price for you. The CV cost starts from $ 65 for an inexperienced job seeker and ends at $ 215 for higher management positions. But there are no details on how much the whole package will cost for you. 

Discounts Overview 

When it comes to spending several hundreds of dollars on a resume or cv writing, you are interested in the ways to reduce the price. In these cases, most companies offer a lower price for a service package and discounts. A lot of teams have affiliate programs and loyal customer’s discounts. But this is not about this company. 

On the website, we have not found any information about coupons or any other ways to reduce the price of the services. There are no bonuses for inviting other job seekers to the platform as well. So, be ready to pay full for any service ordered from them. 

Other Features 

It’s hard to tell about cool features you might get, looking on this company website only. This team doesn’t offer much comparing with competitors. It has support, blog, 30 days interview guarantee, and a variety of payment methods – and this is all we found here. 

Most professional resume writing companies offer different cool extras, like preparation for the interview, submissions of your resume to human resources databases, sending out your details to recruiters, and much more. This team is focused on writing only. 

As for customer support, the company provides assistance via email and phone. However, they don’t work 24/7, and you can contact them Monday-Saturday during business hours only. 


We hope our all resume services review helped you to decide if this company fits your needs. As for our team, we don’t recommend this service. First, they are quite expensive comparing with competitors and don’t offer any discounts or package offerings to their clients. The company doesn’t have any affiliate or loyalty program as well. 

Services here are limited to writing. Other teams offer your resume and CV submission, emailing to HR specialists, resume and CV design, and many other features this team cannot provide. It’s essential to note that the company’s support team is not available 24/7, and you cannot get instant help from them anytime. They guarantee 30-days interview invitation, but this is all they can offer to a job seeker. 

If you are looking for professional help, search for another team.

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