Guess what? Your search for the best CV service ends here with me, a career coach who’s been helping job seekers like yourself for years now!

My name is Liam Bennett, an expert career coach and an occasional resume writer.

The fact that you’re on this page right now means that you’re looking for some assistance with landing a great job. I’d go as far as to say that many of you wish to find the most promising way to apply and land their dream job.

As a person with an educational background such as mine, as well as someone who has been on both sides of the hiring process, I know exactly what you need to succeed. I also know what candidates struggle with the most. After all, I’ve been there – searching for great roles, looking for people with the necessary skills, and training others to work toward this brand’s common goals.

But, before we get into how I can help you achieve all this, let’s take a look at our brand’s story.

Where Does My Story Begin?

I’ve had a few jobs in my career. I started off with something simple that would give me some experience and help me build up my career. Soon after, I decided to pursue work as a content writer. I applied on endless ads and for many companies, but in vain.

After a while, I figured out that my application process needs to be changed. I had all the necessary qualifications and skills and yet, it seems like other candidates always looked more impressive on paper.

So, I decided to give it a go. I picked companies that specialize in resume writing. Even though my writing skills were amazing, this type of content requires knowledge, experience, and a special set of skills.

My first attempt to get an amazing job-search product was a disaster. The resume was generic, it looked exactly like those templates you find online, and I knew it wouldn’t work. I used it as a practice material and made it more original.

After I landed that job as a writer, I obtained much more experience on this type of content. I could see my colleagues crafting resumes for people, and figured out how they emphasized the most important traits and qualifications to help them impress recruiters.

Working with such people helped me retain my faith in the writing industry. It’s why I decided to create this website – to help people like you get amazing resumes at a reasonable price, and never get scammed like I did before.

How I Do This

In my journey, I discovered one key thing – you can hardly learn about resume services before buying from them because there’s not much written about them online! I couldn’t find many reviews for such companies and the ones I could find were either too transparent or too vague.

That’s where an idea stroked– I’ll help people in their job search by reviewing CV writing services!

A few months later, and for many years now, I’ve done exactly that – shared my personal experience and expert advice with those who are looking for resume solution.

This site is an ongoing project, which means that I won’t stop checking out your CV writing services options and telling you all about them. This is a safe space for you to read about such companies, share your own experience, and check out other people’s advice.